The British Micromount Society

The British Micromount Society is a national organisation, founded in 1981.

The aims of the Society are to promote contact between micromounters in the UK and encourage the development of micromounting as a branch of mineralogy through the publication of a regular newsletter, occasional field meetings and symposia.

The Society publishes the British Directory of Micromounters – now in its 10th Edition, and maintains a National Reference Collection of Micromounts, available for postal loan to members.

The Society has also developed a range of Occasional Papers on topics of interest to amateur mineralogists.

There are local groups in Norfolk, Sussex, West Midlands, Cornwall, The North West Group in Bolton, and the South East Group in London.

These meet at regular intervals and all members are welcome to attend any of the branches. Details in the About link.

11 Comments on “The British Micromount Society

  1. Congrats to the new site, it looks great and is fast. But how can I register ? I am member of the BMS, but as far as I know I have no user name and/or password that give me access to the log in/member area. Can you help ?

  2. The new website sure looks a lot better (more modern) than the previous one. Good job, Steve!
    Thanks for all the hard work done!
    Cheers, Herwig

  3. Hi and thank you for the new site.
    I found out about it through messages on facebook, thanks for that.
    I wanted to ask you, if it is possible to safeguard the uploaded NL Pdfs against Google, because I still can find our address from the BMS NL 69 online in a Google search and the mentioning of my name in the NL 84 also.
    There is now software available that can do it. Depends on how much work it is. Or limiting the stored pdfs for members who have to log in …
    Just an idea I had for a long time.
    Thanks again for your work,


    1. Hi Sigrid. I will look into it. The pdfs you mention have been online (on the old site) for a long time so will have been trawled by Google in the distant past. It is not just the new site. Regards, Steve

  4. Lovely new website!

    All props to the author (Martin?) of the previous version (which was about my own level of HTML coding), but this looks “the business”.

  5. It was great to see everyone at the “Virtual” British Micromount Symposium this weekend, great talks, good chatter and good to socialise again. However, if I learnt one thing this weekend it is how uncomfortable my chair is – my butt hurts after long hours of sitting on it. Roll on 2022 and hopefully a proper “face to face” do. 🙂

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