BMS Symposium 2023 Competitions

Photographic Competitions

There will be three photographic competitions this year. Entries must be emailed to David Ifold no later than Thursday 31 August. Please submit your entries early so that any problems can be resolved. We welcome photographic entries from members who are not able to attend the Symposium in person.

All entries will be combined into three separate pdf files, one per class. These will be emailed to members so that every member with an email address will be able to submit votes for their three favourite images prior to the Symposium. The results will be announced following the AGM on Sunday morning.

The three classes are as follows.

  • A competition open only to those members that have never won a BMS photographic competition before. To encourage participation the subject may be anything to do with mineralogy or geology.
  • The mineral topaz.
  • A red mineral.

Maximum of two entries per class, per member.

Winning entries will be published in the BMS newsletter and will be made available to both Steve Stuart and Steve Sorrell for the publications they edit. Copyright will be credited to the photographer.

Mineral Competitions

The theme for the Micromount Competition this year is hematite and entries may be from any location worldwide. Entries must be mounted in a standard box and either be glued or on tack. Maximum of two entries per person.

The Micromineral Competition is restricted to British specimens only (including Northern Ireland but not Eire) and is judged on ‘wow factor’ only, with the criteria that the specimen needs to be appreciated using a microscope and so larger specimens can be entered. Entries may be of any mineral species. Maximum of two entries per person.

David Ifold

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