North West Highlands Geopark

Posted on behalf of the North West Highlands Geopark. In 2015 UNESCO accredited the North West Highlands Geopark as one of their Global Geoparks in recognition of the importance of managing outstanding geological sites and landscapes in a holistic manner. They work closely with their remote communities and warmly welcome large numbers of geologists and visitors to their region every year from countries all around the world. Throughout the course of every year they publish a series of newsletters highlighting the geology, features and events in their geopark. They kindly ask you to consider subscribing to their newsletters. Subscription is free and can be done via the following page within their official website: As well as their newsletters they would also send you news of their geotours which have been very well received by many geologists over the years. Each touring group is led by a local geology expert who has an encyclopedic knowledge of their region, aptly called the ‘Cradle of Geology.’ Further details of the geotours can also be found within their website via the following links: They would be delighted to add you to their mailing list and share the best of their geopark’s news and attractions with you. Sent by Jonathan Archer North West Highlands Geopark Project Assistant email: projects@nwhgeopark.comNorth West Highlands Geopark Limited Registered Scottish Charity no. SC046510 Registered office – The Rock Stop, Unapool, Kylesku, Sutherland, Scotland IV27 4HW Reg. no. SC422047

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