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The British Micromount Society, of which I am a member, and also the webmaster, publishes three newsletters per year (usually). Apart from the latest six newsletters, all of the newsletters are available in the Newsletter Archive.

They are all scanned pdf files, and there isn’t a way to search the archive for a particular subject. A contents index has been created (and includes issues 1 through 113).

So better than nothing at all.

But then I thought, why not create a Chat Bot for the newsletters. And I have now done so. All newsletters from 1 to 116 are included.

The BMS Chat Bot can be found here.

Give it a try. You will get “Hi there. I am the British Micromount Society Chat Bot. What can I assist you with today?”

How about trying out some of the following prompts in response:

  • What can you tell me about Penberthy Croft?
  • What can you tell me about the Richard Barstow collection?
  • Tell me about the Symposium.

Just remember that The BMS Chat Bot may not necessarily always provide totally accurate or complete information because a) It’s an AI Chat Bot after all(!), and b) the quality of the source documentation (extraction of text (OCR) from scanned pdfs). Apologies in advance!

Below: Torbernite, South Caradon Mine, St. Cleer, Cornwall. Width of view 2mm. Photo and specimen Tom Thomson. Featured on the front page of Newsletter 114.

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