BMS Newsletter Index

Trevor Devon has kindly undertaken the task of creating an index of articles, authors, minerals and photographs in BMS Newsletters. As at November 2021, the index has been completed for issues 1 to 113.

111981British Directory of MicromountersReportRoy Starkey
111981Formation of National SocietyReportRoy Starkey
111981NewsletterReportRoy Starkey
121981British Mineral Gem Show 1982AnnouncementRoy Starkey
121981MicromountsArticleColin Horstman
131981Cleaning clay from minerals NapisanTipRoy Starkey
151981MicromountingArticlePaul Monk
161981Strontian Lead Mine Scotland map mineralsArticleMike Bayley
211981British Micromount Society createdReportRoy Starkey
211981British Mineral Gem Show 1982ReportRoy Starkey
231981Welsh Mines SocietyAnnouncement
241981Gemstone Mineral Data Book John SinkankasBook ReviewRoy Starkey
241981Micromounting USA visit 1981ReportRoy Starkey
251981StereomicroscopesReportEric Otty
261981Cleaning minerals rustTipRoy Starkey
271981Steromicroscope review Zenith MBS-9ReportDoug Morgan
331982Steromicroscope review Grey 5/40ReportMartin Stolworthy
341982Steromicroscope Prior S2000Report
351982Cleaning Preserving Minerals book Richard Pearl 5th Revised editionBook Review
361982Zeolite micromountsArticlePaul Monk
371982Micromineral trimmer Report
381982Cleaning minerals clay CalgonTipPaul Monk
381982Dust remover Blu-TacTipPeter Braithwaite
411982British Micromount Society Inaugural Meeting 1982ReportColin Horstman
431982British Micromount Symposium October 1982 Matlock DerbyshireAnnouncement
451982Cleaning minerals hydrocarbons Inhibitol trichloroethaneTipJohn Morgan
521982British Micromount Symposium October 1982 Matlock Derbyshire ProgrammeAnnouncement
531982Hampshire Micro new Report
531982Eaglebrook Mine Field Trip Brynyrafr Glogfawr FrongochReport
551982Wheal Edward Cornwall micromineralsArticleTrevor Wolloxall
631982First British Micromount Symposium October 1982 Matlock DerbyshireReport
641982Liverpool Microscopical Society membershipAnnouncementTed Lynch
651982Llandudno Copper Mines WalesArticleKeith Snell
661982Colour Dictionary Minerals GemstonesBook ReviewRoy Starkey
751983Loanhead Quarry Beith Scotland Prehnite Thomsonite Greenockite HarmotomeArticleMax Wirth
771983Porthkerris Lizard Cornwall microminerals red adulariaArticlePaul Monk
821983Micromounting HollandArticleTrevor Wolloxall
831983Industrial News Minworth Frosterly WeardaleReportEric Otty
841983Field Trip Caldbeck Fells Cumbria 1983 Carrock Dry GillReportRoy Starkey
851983BMS Second Micromount Symposium 1983Report
871983Flash PhotographyArticleMax Wirth
8101983Mineral Museums Paris FranceReportRoy Starkey
931983Formation of Southeastern Branch BMSReportElsie Hansford
961983BMS Symposium Leicester 1983Report
981983Majuba Hill Mine Nevada USA copper tin mineralsArticleRon Gibbs
981983Cyanotrichite new find Mulberry Openworks LanivetReportRoy Starkey
991983British Mineral Localities Highdown Quarry wavellite variscite strengiteArticleDavid Ifold
1031984Microminerals Milgun Station Western Australia phosphates listArticleJohn Reeve
10121984British Mineral Localities Wheal Drea mineral listArticleDavid Clough
10131984British Mineral Localities Cleverdon Beach Bristol mineral listArticleRoy Starkey
1141984New finds Waterbank Mine Meadowfoot SmelterReportSteve Rust
1141984Field trip Wanlockhead MeadowfootReport
1211984First British Micromount Society BMS AGM 1984 Chairman Roy Starkey Secretary Elsie Hansford Minutes
1211984Treasurer Neil HubbardMinutes
1251984Leadhills wulfeniteKemp Meikle
1261984BMS National Micromount Reference Collection proposed ReportRoy Starkey
1291984BMS Symposium Leicester 1984 Report
12101984Anglezarke Lead Mine LancashireArticleKeith Snell
12111984Braefell Mine Cumbria mineral listArticleMike Leppington
1331985platinum osmium minerals Unst Scotland Article
1341985paper chromatography mineral identificationTipMax Wirth
13111985British micromineral localities Thurstaston Beach Wirral sphene mineral listReportRothwell Dickinson
13131985British micromineral localities Esgair Hir Mine Wales minerals listReportSteve Rust
1411985Field trip 1985 West Wheal Crebor Prince of Wales Holmbush Kit Hill East Gunnislake ReportDavid Ifold
1411985Vituous Lady Mine Drakewalls Meldon BelstoneReportDavid Ifold
1461985Leadhills crocoiteReportKemp Meikle
1521985Symposium 1985 LeicesterReport
1571985Tavistock field trip 1985 Prince of Wales mine Wheal West Crebor Holmbush Kit Hill Drakewells ReportMax Wirth
1571985Meldon Wheal PhoenixReportMax Wirth
1591985Penberthy Croft new mineralsReportDavid Clough
15131985Top ten British mineralsArticleHarry Foy
15141985Barite Wheal Drea misidentification vivianiteReportDavid Clough
15201985British Micromineral Localities Wales mineral listsArticleSteve Don Rust
1631986BMS AGM Minutes
1671986National Micromount Reference Collection new Curator Max WirthArticleMax Wirth
16101986New mineral finds Prince of Wales Mine Gunnislake GunheathReportMike Rothwell
16151986British Mineral Localities Dyfngwm Mine Wales mineral listArticleSteve Don Rust
16181986National Micromount Reference Collection 1986 listReport
1721986Norman F. King 1986ObituaryRoy Starkey
1721986Field trip Wales 1986 Great Orme Prenteg Manod ReportDave Middleton
1721986Field trip Scotland 1986 Creetown Gem Rock museum Blackcraig Mine Talnotry King’s Laggan ReportJean Spence
1721986Lauchentyre Pibble Mine Needle’s Eye Wanlockhead ReportJean Spence
1751986New mineral finds Lettsomite Penberthy CroftReportDavid Clough
1751986New mineral finds paralaurionite Meadowfoot Smelter WanlockheadReportDavid Green
1751986New mineral finds WanlockheadReportMax Wirth
1761986Dyfngwm Mine Wales mineral paragenesisReportSteve Rust
17131986British Micromineral Localities Isolation Mine Derbyshire mineral listArticleDave Green
1821986BMS Symposium 1986ReportMike Rothwell
1831986Natural History Museum Mineralogy visit 1986ReportRoy Starkey
1841986British Geological Survey Open Day visit 1986ReportRoy Starkey
1881986British Micromineral Localities Wyndham Mine mineral listArticleIsabel Geldart
1891986British Micromineral Localities Bwichrennald Mine Level Newydd Wales mineral listArticleSteve Rust
18101986Chemical indentification sulphates barium chlorideTipMax Wirth
18141986BMS AGM Minutes
1931987New mineral finds WalesReportSteve Rust
1941987New mineral finds WalesReportPaul Wallace
1941987New mineral finds CornwallReportRoy Starkey
1941987New mineral finds CornwallReportDavid Clough
1951987New mineral finds CornwallReportMick Cooper
1951987Mottramite Penberthy CroftReportDavid Clough
1971987British Micromineral localities Rhuba a’ Mhill Islay mineral listArticleDavid Green
1981987British Micromineral localities Little Duke Mine Tavistock anatase cassiteriteArticleDavid Clough
1981987British Micromineral localities Wheal Rose Portleven anglesite cerussiteArticleDavid Clough
19121987Chemical identification test arsenates phosphates potassium iodideTipMax Wirth
2061987New mineral finds ReportMick Cooper
2091987Alston MoorArticleMick Cooper
20101987Chemical identification test arsenatesReportMax Wirth
2111987New chairman Mick WolfeReportMick Wolfe
2121987Tribute to founding chairman Roy StarkeyArticleEric Otty
2121987BMS Symposium 1987ReportMike Rothwell
2181987BMS AGM 1987 Roy Starkey donates Founder’s Cup awarded Max WirthMinutes
2261988New minerals findsReportSteve Rust
2271988New minerals findsReportRoy Starkey
2281988Highdown quarry Fileigh Devon access permitReportMick Wolfe
2291988Lundy Island accessReportMick Wolfe
22121988BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1988ReportMax Wirth
2331988Gold Tyndrum Scotland WalesReportEric Otty
2331988Tips micromounting mineral specimensArticlePeter Braithwaite
2351988Wanlockhead Leadhills Loanhead ScotlandField TripRoy Starkey
2391988Hartsop Patterdale CumbriaReportMax Wirth
23111988Watts Shaft Matlock pyromorphiteReportPeter Braithwaite
23111988Shap pink quarry Cumbria mineralsReportMax Wirth
23121988Red Gill Caldbecks Cumbria caledonite anglesiteReportMax Wirth
2411988BMS Symposium 1988ReportMike Rothwell
2441988BMS AGM 1988 Founder’s Cup Mike RothwellMinutes
24121988Goldschmidt’s Atlas of crystal forms BMS copyReport
24141988New mineral finds WalesReportSteve Rust
2511989Wollaton Hall Natural History Museum NottinghamReportMick Wolfe
2521989Sheffield MuseumReportChris Jewson
2531989Liverpool MuseumReportMike Rothwell
2551989New mineral finds WalesReportSteve Rust
2591989BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1989ReportMax Wirth
2651989North Devon Bampfylde New Florence mine Highdown West Down Fullabrook Meldon apliteField TripMike Rothwell
2661989Scotland Trearne Wanlockhead Wool Gill Glengonnar Horners veinField TripDavid Green
2681989Caldbeck Fells Silver Gill Mexico mine Roughton Deer Hills Short Grain Carrock Brandy BurdellField TripMick Cooper
2711989BMS AGM 1989 Founder’s Cup Elsie HansfordMinutes
2761989Rock Mineral Crystals Festival Geological Museum London 1989ReportMike Rothwell
2781989Natural History Museum London Mineralogy Open DayReportRoy Starkey
27111989Sorbonne Paris Mineral Museum ArticleGeoff Deverell
27131989BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1989ReportMax Wirth
27141989BMS Symposium 1989ReportMike Rothwell
2871990Field trip Caldbeck Fells CumbriaReportMick Cooper
2891990Caldbeck Mining Museum Ian TylerReportMick Cooper
2891990Pseudomorphs ArticleTrevor Bridges
2911990BMS AGM 1990 Founder’s Cup Mick CooperMinutes
2951990BMS Symposium 1990ReportKen Luff
29101990BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1990ReportMax Wirth
29131990Schulenbergite Prince of Wales mine GunnislakeReportJohn Betterton
3021991BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1991ReportMax Wirth
3041991Loanhead quarry harmotome twinned crystals fourlingsReportKemp Meikle
3121991BMS AGM 1991 Founder’s Cup Roy StarkeyReport
3151991BMS Symposium 1991ReportKen Luff
3181991Coatsgate quarry minerals foundArticleRoy Starkey
3191991BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1991ReportMax Wirth
3221992BMS membership questionnaire 1991ReportMick Wolfe
3261992BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1992ReportMax Wirth
3281992Bob Weatherall  1992ObituaryKen Luff
3331992BMS Symposium 1992ReportRoy Starkey
3361992BMS AGM 1992 John Pearce Chairman Founder’s Cup Kemp MeikleReport
3391992Wales Gwynfynydd gold mine Anglesey Parys Mountain ReportMalcolm Southwood
33101992Natural History Musuem gold ikaiteReportRichard Herrington
33121992Connellite Geufron mineReportSteve Rust
33141992BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1992ReportMax Wirth
3421993Zeolites caged aluminosilicates synthetic naturalArticleAlan Dyer
3451993South Nantycar mine Rhayader Wales minerals foundArticleSteve Rust
3471993Dean quarry zeolite gmelinite chabazite phacoliteArticleIsabel Geldart
3471993Ettringite Tresavean mine CornwallReportPeter Wallace
3481993Johannesburg Pretoria Mineral museumsArtticleMalcolm Southwood
34121993BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1992ReportMax Wirth
34131993Field trip Meadowfoot smelter Wanlockhead Loanhead quarryReportMick Wolfe
34141993Oxford University Museum 1992 visitReportMike Rothwell
3521993Rock thin sections petrography polarised lightArticleDoug Morgan
3571993Alpine minerals Bryn-yr-Aft Mine apatite pyromorphiteReportSteve Rust
3581993Rosasite Hendry quarry WalesReportStephen Plant
3581993Identifying zeolites EDAX analysis stilbites stellerite confusionArticleMike Rothwell
3591993Norfolk Mineral Society field trip Cornwall 1993ReportMartin Stolworthy
35121993Turquoise Wheal Cock Botallack Castle-an-Dinas St.ColumbReportPeter Wallace
35121993Ettringite Tresavean mine CornwallReportPeter Wallace
35141993Natural History Museum London visit 1993 Peter TandyReportRoy Starkey
35151993BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1993ReportMax Wirth
3621993English minerals conservation English NatureArticleTom Moat
3651993Rosasite Caldbeck Fells SwaledaleReportJill Goltz
3661993British Micromount Society Symposium 1993 Founder’s Cup  Mick WolfeReportRoy Starkey
36101993BMS AGM 1993 Minutes
36161993BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1993ReportMax Wirth
3721994Formation occurrence discovery of new lead slag minerals barium sulphite thiosulphateArticleRichard Lamb
3781994Elaterites hydrocarbon mineralsArticleRichard Herrington
37101994Beijing Geological museum cinnabar stibnite orpimentReportMalcolm Southwood
37131994What is a mineral debate slag human interventionCommentsTrevor Bridges
3821994Loanhead quarry 1993 edingtoniteArticleKemp Meikle
3841994Old Potts Gill Caldbecks oliveniteArticleMike Leppington
3841994What is a mineral debate slag human interventionComments 
3881994Sedgewick Museum Cambridge visitReportPeter Wallace
38181994BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1994ReportMax Wirth
3921994Padstow Consuls 1992 1993 copper lead mineralsReportPeter Wallace
3951994British Micromount Symposium 1994ReportRoy Starkey
3991994BMS AGM 1994 Founder’s Cup Peter BraithwaiteMinutes
39161994Mineral localities in Morocco caution Bou Azzer Mibladen ToussitArticleHarry Critchley
39181994Driggith Caldbecks minerals namuwite devillineReportMike Rothwell
39181994Frongoch mine Wales minerals foundReportRust Mason
4021995Skye field trip Auchtertyre actinolite Loch Greshornish zeolites chabazite Oisgill Bay levyneReportRoy Starkey
4021995Camas Malag skarn minerals monticellite clinohumite ludwigite  Sgurr nam Boc stilbite heulanditeReportRoy Starkey
4081995Nant-y-Cagle Eaglebrook Mine mineralsReportRust Foy Burchmore
40111995Ruggles Mine New Hampshire USA MicaArticleRoy Starkey
40111995Conservation of minerals workshop Cambridge UniversityReportPeter Wallace
4131995Caldbecks Cumbria Field Trip 1994 Dry Gill Driggith Florence Mine Beckermet Roughton Gill Deer HillsReportPerter Smith
4191995BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1995ReportMax Wirth
41121995Phillip Rashleigh book Specimens of some British Minerals purchase BMSReportJohn Pearce
41141995Jim Wooldridge 1995ObituaryDavid Roe
4221995Florey Island Newquay pyrolusite micromineral identifiedArticleSheila Harper
4261995BMS AGM Minutes 1995 Founder’s Cup Neil HubbardReport
42121995BMS Micromineral Competition 1995 first eventReportAustin Lockwood
42131995BMS Micromount Competition 1995ReportAustin Lockwood
4321996Minerals Palabora Pit Transvaal South Africa copper zeolites brucite baddleyliteArticleJohn Glidden
4371996BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1996ReportMax Wirth
43111996Maurice Grigg 1995ObituaryJohn Pearce
43121996International Society of Slag Mineral Collectors ReportRichard Lamb
43131996Micromineral mountingArticleMalcolm Southwood
4421996Mineral identification zeolites reaction with acid ArticleMax Wirth
4451996BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1996ReportMax Wirth
4461996BMS database availableReportJohn Pearce
4491996Minerals of South Africa Bruce Cairncross Roger Dixon 1996Book ReviewMalcolm Southwood
4521996BMS Symposium 1996 ReportMike Rothwell
4531996BMS AGM Minutes 1996 Founder’s Cup Ken LuffReport
4591996Mineralogy of Alderley Edge Copper miningReportG Warrington
45121996BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1996ReportMax Wirth
4621997Mineral identification X-ray diffraction and electronic microscopy workshop Royal Holloway CollegeReportPeter Wallace
4631997Epistilbite Skye Glen Ollisdal Pyromorphite Force Crag Cumbria Lodge Park Copper Trial WalesArticleDavid Green
4631997Synchisite Manod Gwynedd Diamond Rocks Mourne IrelandArticleDavid Green
4661997BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1996ReportMax Wirth
4681997BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additions 1996ReportMax Wirth
4721997BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additionsReportMax Wirth
4741997Silver native acanthite Short Grain North Caldbeck Fells first report 1997ReportAvril Woodburn
4781997Elsie Hansford mounted mineral carouselsReportAustin Lockwood
4821997Review 20 years British Mineralogy collecting minesArticleRoy Starkey
4851997AGM BMS 1997 Founder’s Cup David GreenMinutesEditor
48111997BMS Micromineral Competition 1997ReportAustin Lockwood
48121997BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additionsReportMax Wirth
48141997BMS Midlands field trip 1997 WalesReportRoy Starkey
4921998Association Française de Microminéralogie Meetings mineral exchanges swapsArticleTim Riley
4971998Mineral collecting Ireland Trawnamoe Connellite Tankardstown atacamite langite Minane BridgeArticleIke Wilson
4971998wavellite Duneen Cliffs botallackite Silvermines hemimorphite Burren Tynagh Sheshodonnell fluorite ArticleIke Wilson
4971998smithsonite Gortrum cinnabarArticleIke Wilson
4991998Loanhead acanthite silver SEM analysesArticleKemp Meikle
49111998COSHH regulations explained risk assessmentsArticleTrevor Bridges
49121998Rockwatch adult clubsArticleAustin Lockwood
5021998Minerals North Wales worshop 1996 Manod Llangynod Snowdon Bwlchgwyn Great Orme Head PrentegReportMike Rothwell
5051998Mineral identification chemical analysis Meadowfoot orange crystals romeite? green liottite?ArticleAlan Edwards
5091998Notable micromineral finds since Newsletter 1ArticleRoy Starkey
50141998BMS Micromineral Reference Collection update 1998ReportMax Wirth
50161998Dave Smith 1998ObituaryMartin Gale
50171998Ken Savage 1998ObituaryEditor
5121998BMS AGM Minutes 1998 Founder’s Cup John PearceReportEditor
5181998BMS Micromount Competition 1998ReportPeter Braithwaite
51101998BMS Micromineral Competition 1998ReportAustin Lockwood
51121998BMS Micromineral Reference CollectionReportMax Wirth
51151998Mineral collecting Caldbeck Fells under threat 1998ReportMike Rothwell
5221999Caldbeck Fells Mineral Collecting update 1999ReportMike Rothwell
5221999Caldbeck Fells Mineral Collecting Policy statement Park Authority 1999
5251999BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additionsReportMax Wirth
5271999Zeolites definition International Mineralogical Association CommissionArticleAlan Dyer
5291999Shap quarry ferrimolyditeReportMax Wirth
52101999Miarolitic minerals Kilchrist SkyeReportSteve Rust
52111999Mineral collectors Adrian Pierce letterArticleIke Wilson
52141999Kingsbury minerals falsified localities 1998 BMS Symposium displayArticleGeorge Ryback
5321999Mike Rothwell 1999ObituaryJohn Dickinson
5321999Mike Rothwell personal tribute BMS ObituaryRoy Starkey
5341999Caldbeck Fells Mineral Collecting update 1999ReportMike Rothwell
5361999BMS Micromount Competition RulesPeter Braithwaite
5381999Jeanbandyite first occurrence UK clarificationArticleBetterton Hubbard
53101999BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additionsreportMax Wirth
53121999Mineral collecting problems in CornwallArticleKelvin Tiltman
5421999BMS Symposium 1999ReportRoy Starkey
5421999BMS AGM 1999 Founder’s Cup Steve RustMinutes
54111999Barite siderite pyrite marcasite pyrrhotite minerals Norfolk Sidestrand CaistorReportStolworthy Belson
54121999Carnforth Lancashire lead copper minerals malachite azuriteReportDon Blake
54151999BMS Micromineral Competition 1999ReportAustin Lockwood
54171999Hilderston Silver Mine uraninite zeuneriteKemp Meikle
54151999David Baker 1999ObituaryDavid Hacker
5522000Mineral collecting future prospects Caldbeck Fells permitsArticleRoy Starkey
5542000Caldbeck Fells mineral collecting policy permitsReport
5582000Drakewalls Mine Gunnislake phosphates strengiteArticleBrian Craik Smith
5592000BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additionsReportMax Wirth
5622000Caldbeck Fells Cumbria mineral collecting Permit applicationsReportTrevor Bridges
5632000Mineral collecting future prospects responsible communicationArticleRoy Starkey
5662000BMS Microminerals Reference Collection list latest additionsReportMax Wirth
5722000BMS AGM 2000 Founders’ Cup Harry DayMinutes
5772000BMS Symposium 2000ReportRoy Starkey
57112000BMS Micromineral Competition 2000ReportAustin Lockwood
57132000Mineral reactions water sulphide sulphate sulphuric acid copper brass bronzeArticleAlan Edwards
57162000Wanlockhead Lead Mining Museum closureReportRoy Starkey
5822001Mineral reactions supergene water leaching gossan sulphides Tsumeb NamibiaArticleAlan Edwards
5882001chemical testing techniquesArticleMax Wirth
5882001Loch Ainort Skye granite miarolitic minerals zircon zeolites hedenbergite kainosite-YArticleSteve Rust
5942001Natural History Museum London Earth Galleries British rocks minerals fossils Earth LabArticleAustin Lockwood
59142001Cornwall Micromounts Penberthy Croft Devilline Duftite Agardite-La LiskearditePeter Hay
6022001BMS Symposium 2001ReportRoy Starkey
6072001BMS Micromineral Competition 2001ReportAustin Lockwood
6092001BMS AGM 2001 Founders’ Cup Syd Pearl FreemanMinutes
60162001Poland Mineral Camp Maine Warrington Society field tripArticle
60182001Mull granite mineralsReportSteve Rust
60192001Dorothy Merritt Sussex Mineral Society 2001ObituaryJohn Pearce
6122002Comparing mineral suites localities Wheal Gorland Stavoren Majuba Hill arsenatesArticleMalcolm Southwood
61152002Ultrasonic cleaners Branson Model 200ArticleMike Dannatt
6252002Field Trip Llynclys quarry Oswestry Wales 2002 copper mineralsReportDavid Green
6282002Crystal growing micromount box microscopic viewingArticleAustin Lockwood
62112002BMS Symposium 2001 ReportQuintin Wight
62132002New mineral Bobkingite honours Robert King Report
6322002BMS AGM 2002 Founders’ Cup Harry FoyReport
6362002BMS Symposium 2002 ReportRoy Starkey
63122002Care of archival mineral specimens glue boxes labelsArticleDavid Green
63162002Rockwatch BMS ArticleAustin Lockwood
63162002Bazhenovite first UK find 2002 West Runton NorfolkReportPeter Smith
63192002Photography microminerals Nikon Coolpix camera MBS-10 MicroscopeArticleMike Dannatt
6422003Sid Freeman 2003ObituaryKen Luff
6432003Kemp Meikle 2003ObituaryRoy Starkey
6442003George Ryback 2003ObituaryRichard Braithwaite
6452003Mineral collecting conservation conference Salford 2003ReportRoy Starkey
64142003Mineral collecting  2002 USA  Garnet Hill Nevada Thomas Range Utah topazArticleDavid Green
64142003Australia Melbourne zeolites Kinsgate molbydenite Broken Hill Kintore CutArticleDavid Green
64162003Micromineral Exchange Bourse Montigny-le-Tilleul Charleroi visitReportMartin Stolworthy
64182003Minerals of Scotland Alex Livingstone 2003Book ReviewKevin Johns
6522003BMS AGM 2003 Founders’ Cup Jean SpenceMinutes
6582003BMS Symposium 2003ReportRoy Starkey
65192003Ruggles Mine New Hampshire USA MicaArticlePeter Hay
65202003Mineral collectors meeting National Museum EdinburghArticleShirley Adrian
65222003Caldbeck Commons Cumbria Minerals Collecting Policy Working Group meeting 2003ReportRoy Starkey
6622004Austin Lockwood 2004 RockwatchObituaryJohn Pearce
6662004Porphyry copper Capel Hermon Coed Y Brenin SSSINoticeAlan Dyer
6722004Alpine clefts Wales mineralizationArticleSteve Rust
6742004Garras Mine truro Cornwall wulfeniteReportChris Jewson
6742004MicropanningArticleDavid Roe
6752004Zeolites Skye Moonen Bay thomsonite chabazite analcime mesoliteArticleRonnie van Dommelen
6782004Baveno ItalyArticleMax Wirth
6792004Littleham Cove Devon concretions uranium cobalt copper arsenic vanadium mineralsArticleGreg Towning
6822004Roy Starkey nomination Micromounters Hall of FameBiography
6832004Namibia mineral collecting 2004 actinolite gold shattuckite AndreasArticleAlan Edwards
6882004Dundas Tasmania ZeehanArticleMalcolm Southwood
68102004Heulandite Carrick du Mine St. Ives CornwallReportDavid Clough
68122004Poldice Mine Cornwall cassiterite anatase wolfram fluorite 2002ReportRob Selley
68132004Blue Work Mine Redruth Cornwall 2003 scorodite pharmacosiderite cassiteriteReportRob Selley
68132004Cathedral Mine Gwennap Jengenter bismuthinite fluoriteReportRob Selley
68152004BMS Symposium 2004 ReportRoy Starkey
68252004BMS AGM 2004 Founders’ Cup Austin LockwoodMinutes
6922005John Dickinson 2004ObituaryRichard Bell
6922005Milton L. Speckels 2004 California USAObituaryQuintin Wight
6932005BMS Directory Micromounters new edition 2004 ReportMick Wolfe
6942005BMS Symposiun 2004 First ImpressionsReportDavid Cox
6952005Caldbeck Commons Cumbria Minerals Collecting Policy Working Group meeting 2004ReportRoy Starkey
6972005Websites localities mineralsArticleRoy Starkey
69112005Digital photography microscope depth of fieldArticleDavid Green
7022005Bill Ford Warrington Mineral Lapidary Society 2005ObituaryMolly Jeffrey
7022005Norfolk Mineral Society Franklin Mine New Jersey USA Warren Fluorescent MuseumField TripMartin Stolworthy
7082005Pyromorphite phosgenite Kynance Cove CornwallReportDavid Clough
7092005Eifel Germany collecting 2004 Wintersburg In Dem Dellen Wannekopfe Nickenich EmmelbergField TripBelson Stolworthy
70112005BMS Reference Collection new additions new curatorReportMax Wirth
70142005Prague Museum Czech Republic mineral collectionArticleRoy Starkey
70172005Caldbeck Fells CumbriaReportMike Leppington
7132005BMS AGM 2005 Matin Stolworthy Chairman Founder’s Cup Trevor Bridges Minutes
71102005BMS Symposium 2005ReportRoy Starkey
71162005BMS Occasional Papers Silicates Radioactive MineralsReportJohn Pearce
71182005Baltimore Micromount Symposium USA 2005 Micromounter Hall of Fame Roy StarkeyReportRoy Starkey
71262005Vivianite Wheal Drea CornwallReportDavid Clough
7232006Daphne Hall 2005 paintings sketches micromount Sussex Mineral SocietyObituaryJohn Pearce
7252006Anatase Monazite Tywarnhayle CornwallReportRob Selley
7262006Houston Mineral Gallery Museum Natural SciencesReportJohn Pearce
7272006Namibia field trip mineral collecting 2005 Andreas Palfi Hartman Valley mandarin garnetsReportAlan Sue Edwards
7272006Omaue dioptase copper minerals  Aris ReportAlan Sue Edwards
72102006Mandarin garnet crystal NamibiaPhotoAlan Sue Edwards
72142006New Zealand Micromount Symposium 2005 field trips lake Rotokawa Hendersons Quarry RotoruaReportMartin Stolworthy
72152006Roselidden Mine minerals list cassiterite 2005ReportRob Selley
72152006Cleverdon shore SSSIReportMike Dannatt
721520064M microminerals show Belgium Deutsches Bergbau Museum Bochum EifelReportMartin Gale
7322006BMS AGM 2006 Maria Justamond Reference Collector Curator Founder’s Cup Bob SnowballMinutes
73112006BMS Symposium 2006 Mike Rothwell Memorial Tropy Rob SelleyReportRoy Starkey
7432007John Nowak 2007ObituaryPeter Wallace
7442006South CondurrowArticleRob Selley
7452006Grace’s Shaft Wheal BassetArticleRob Selley
7462006Florence Ullcoats Mine CumbriaArticleMartin Gale
7472006Treleigh Wood Mine RedruthArticleRob Selley
7482006Field Trip Cornwall 2007 Sidmouth Wheal Mary Ann Greystones Penberthy Croft Pendarves RelistianReportMartin Stolworthy
74102006Sidmouth baritesPhoto
7482006Hemerdon Bal Hingston DownReportMartin Stolworthy
74222006St. Ives Consuls TrenowArticleRob Selley
74252006Wheal PeevorArticleRob Selley
7532007BMS Symposium 2007 ReportDavid Roe Roy Starkey
75262007Micromount study evening Haywards Heath Sussex Irish Minerals ReportPeter Hay
75142007BMS AGM 2007  Founders Cup Shirley Adrian Mike Rothwell Trophy Trevor BridgesMinutes
75132007Australia Ballarat Broken Hill Kintore Lightening Ridge GemtreeArticleChris Jewson
7632008Max Wirth 2008 BMS Micromount Reference Collection curatorObituaryRoy Starkey
7682008Linarite UK Eaglebrook Mine Redgill Caldbeck FellsArticleSteve Rust
7682008Linarite Eaglebrook Mine Photo
7692008Linarite Redgill Mine Caldbeck FellsPhoto
76102008Linarite Old Glencriff Mine Photo
76102008Linarite Meadowfoot SmelterPhoto
76112008Linarite Eaglebrook Mine Photo
76122008Linarite Esgair Hir Mine Photo
76122008Linarite Dylife Mine Photo
76132008Linarite Frongoch Mine Photo
76142008Linarite Llangynog Mine Photo
76152008Linarite Waterbank Mine Photo
76152008BMS Display Sussex Mineral Society Mineral Show 2008 ReportJohn Pearce
76182008Australia 2006ArticleChris Jewson
76212008G-Clamp rock SplitterArticleGeoffrey Deverell
76232008Ecton Hill Staffordshire Field Trip 2007 Waterbank MineReportMartin Stolworthy
76252008Pharmacosiderite brown crystals green ascorbic acidArticleDavid Roe
7732009BMS Symposium 2008ReportRoy Starkey
77122009BMS AGM 2008 minutes Founder’s Cup Doug Morgan
77222009Micromounters Hall Fame Neil HubbardReportQuintin Wight
77242009Colorado USA Rocky Mountains Pikes Peak Crystal Mountain Selida Mine ArticleDavid Roe
7832009BMS Symposium 2009ReportRoy Starkey
7872009BMS AGM 2009 Founder’s Cup Richard BelsonMinutes
78152009BMS Occasional Paper 22 2009 radioctivity safety mineralsReportTaylor Pearce
78192009Steverustite new thiosulphate Frongoch Mine WalesReportRoy Starkey
78192009Cornwall Hallenbeagle Mine Wheal Charlotte MineArticleRob Selley
78192009Munich Mineral Show 2009ReportPhil Taylor
7932010Peter Braithwaite 2010ObituaryRoy Starkey
7952010David J Cox 2009ObituaryChris Jewson
7972010Bill Swindell 2009ObituaryMuriel Swindell
79112010Robin Gurney 2010ObituaryRoy Starkey
7962010Zeolites Direnzoite Melanophlogite Metavariscite Wenkite Tvedalite CowlewsiteReportAlan Dyer
7972010BMS Occasional Papers ReviewJohn Pearce
7992010Olivenite copper arsenate crystal forms discovery localitiesArticleDavid Aubrey-Jones
79112010Wanlockhead Leadhills Scotland ScotlanditeArticleSteve Rust
79122010Gannel Smelter Cornwall lead slag mineralsArticleSheila Harper
79132010Micromounting ArticleMartin Ellam
79172010Mineral database MS AccessArticleFrank Ince
79192010Mineral catalogue paper software database spreadsheetArticleJane Randle
79202010Tuscon Mineral Show 2010 Arizona USAReportMalcolm Southwood
8032010Penberthy Croft Mine St. Hilary Cornwall mineralsArticleJohn Betterton
8092010Macromount Naica gypsum crystals Moon plagioclase ArticleDavid Roe
8092010Spectacle magnifying glasses OptivisorReportDavid Green
80112010Hemerdon Mine Wolf Minerals update 2009 tungsten tin yieldsReportRoy Starkey
80122010AgatesArticleRoy Starkey
80132010Williams Scorrier mineral collection Caerhays Cornwall public displayReportRoy Starkey
80142010mineral database MS AccessReportMichael Dunmore
80152010Siderite Cornwall DevonArticleRichard Bell
80152010Siderite Cornwall Wheal Drea bow-tie crystalsPhoto
80162010Siderite Cornwall Tolvadden  rhombohedral crystalsPhoto
80152010Siderite Cornwall Wheal Drea wheat-sheaf crystalsPhoto
80162010Siderite Cornwall Wheal Penrose lenticular crystalsPhoto
80152010Siderite Cornwall South Crofty rhombohedral crystalsPhoto
80182010South Crofty Cornwall gold miningReport
80212010Memoirs mineral collecting 1970’sArticleMartin Stolworthy
8132010BMS Symposium Leicester 2010 Founder’s Cup Peter WallaceReportRoy Starkey
81142010Tyuya Muyun Kyrgyzstan Uranium mine Tyuyumunite Tangeite Volborthite TuraniteArticleTim Neall
81162010Frizington Cumbria 1962 AragoniteArticleRichard Braithwaite
81162010Aragonite Frizington CumbriaPhotoRichard Braithwaite
81172010Aragonite Goosegreen Mine Frizington CumbriaPhotoRichard Braithwaite
81172010Stubborness of mineral collectorsArticlePeter Todhunter
81192010BMS Micromount Reference Collection relocated SussexReportTrevor Devon
81202010Minerals Brazil book 2010 Cornejo BartorelliBook ReviewJohn Betterton
81212010Langesundsfjord geology minerals pegmatites larvikite NorwayBook ReviewJohn Betterton
81212010BMS Occasional Paper 23 2010 UV fluorescence mineralsReportDoel Malcolm Belson
81222010Rudry Draethen Wales mines minerals survey Russell SocietyArticleStephen Plant
8262011Scotgold Cononish update 2011 ReportRoy Starkey
8272011South Crofty mining update 2011 rare metals indiumReportRoy Starkey
8282011Hemerdon Mine Wolf Minerals update 2011 tungsten tin prospectReportRoy Starkey
8292011Bayldonite type locality Penberthy Croft Wheal Carpenter ArticleNeil Hubbard
82102011Using Stereomicroscope book Lewis WoolnoughBook ReviewMartin Stolworthy
82102011Microchemistry projectArticleTim Neall
82122011Uranium prospect KyrgyzstanArticleTim Neall
82152011Rare minerals rarityArticleMalcolm Southwood
82202011Minerals Cuba ArticleDavid Binns
82212011USB Microscopes Veho VMS-001ArticleRoy Starkey
8332011Les Wilbraham 2011ObituaryElsie Hansford
8332011Isabel Geldart Warrington Society zeolitesObituaryAnn Rathbone
8342011Memoirs mineral collectingArticleMartin Stolworthy
8382011Scotgold Cononish update 2011 gold prospectReportRoy Starkey
8392011Geoconservation symposium Geologists’ AssociationReport
8392011Wassonite meteorite mineral sulphur titaniumReportAlan Dyer
83112011Agate Carrick Hills AyrshirePhotoBGS
83112011Campylite Dry Gill Mine CumbriaPhotoBGS
83112011Prehnite Castle Hill Kilbirnie ScotlandPhotoBGS
83112011Hemerdon Mine Wolf Minerals update 2011 tungsten tin yieldsReportRoy Starkey
8432011Memories field trips Scotland ArticleMuriel Swindell
8442011Pearl Freeman collection Oxford Museum Natural History labelsArticleMonica Price
8452011Wales mineralogy website museumArticleTom Cotterell
8462011BMS Symposium 2011 Leicester Founder’s Cup Chris JewsonReportRoy Starkey
84132011Mike Rothwell Award 2011 Martin StolworthyReportDavid Roe
84132011Ordnance Survey online mapsReportRoy Starkey
84152011Fluorite Coldstones QuarryPhoto
84152011Photographic Display PhotoJohn Hall
8552012Veho Microcapture USB magnifier ArticleDavid Roe
8592012Munich Show 2011 British minerals display ReportPhil Taylor
85112012Childrenite Tavistock DevonPhoto
85112012Fluorite Caradon Mine CornwallPhoto
85122012Leadhillite Leadhills ScotlandPhoto
85122012Barite Dolomite Goose Green Mine CumbriaPhoto
85132012Fluorite St Peter’s Mine NorthumberlandPhoto
85132012Siderite epimorph Virtuous Lady Mine DevonPhoto
85142012Siderite Wheal Maudlin CornwallPhoto
85162012New minerals Mendeleevite Fassinaite Davidlloydite Ianbruceite RickturneriteArticleDavid Green
85182012Hemerdon Mine Wolf Minerals update 2012ReportRoy Starkey
85182012Parys Mountain Anglesey Mining update 2012 zinc copperReportRoy Starkey
85212012Davidite ZambiaArticleMike Leppington
8632012Crystallography symmetry minerals John HallArticleJohn Pearce
86142012Haslemere Museum Geology Natural History Mineral CollectionArticleRoy Starkey
86182012Arsenohopeite new zinc arsenate TsumebArticleDavid Green
87112012Peter Braithwaite Micromounter’s Hall of Fame USA 2012ReportRoy Starkey
87132012Mike Rothwell Award 2012 Martin GaleReportDavid Roe
8732012BMS Symposium 2012 Stoneycroft Hotel Founder’s Cup Mike LeppingtonReportRoy Starkey
8772012BMS Symposium 2012 AnataseReportDavid Roe
8832013Mike Peel Bayley 2012ObituaryRoy Starkey
88102013Hemerdon tungsten Mine Wolf Minerals visit 2012ReportGrizzled Bear
88112013Farquaharson Invercauld Mineral collection Braemar Castle CairngormsArticleRoy Starkey
88122013Smokey quartz Cairngorm crystalsPhotoRoy Starkey
88132013Topaz water worn crystalsPhotoRoy Starkey
88142013Faceted stones topaz smokey quartz Doug MorganPhotoRoy Starkey
88152013Moonen Bay Skye 2008 minerals full report availableReportFrank Sharp
88182013Parys Mountain Anglesey Mining update 2013 zinc copperReportRoy Starkey
88202013Minco North Pennines Orefield mining project  announced 2012 lead zincReportRoy Starkey
88212013South Crofty mining update 2012 future uncertainReportRoy Starkey
88222013Scotgold Cononish update 2013 mining operations uncertainReportRoy Starkey
88242013Mal’s Minerals Malcolm Southwood minerals newsletter blogReportRoy Starkey
88262013Kennecott Landslide Bingham Canyon copper economyReportRoy Starkey
88262013Kennecott Landslide Bingham CanyonPhotoRavell Call
88272013GB3D three dimensional geological map Great Britain British Geological SurveyReport
88282013British Geological Survey historical maps onlineReport
8932013Julie Margaret Green 2013ObituaryDavid Green
8952013Rosemarkie Inlier Scotland minerals Learnie Quarry fenitisedArticlePaul Monk
8952013Leucogranite pegmatite Rosemarkie Inlier ScotlandPhoto
8982013Hydrocarbons ArticleFrank Ince
89132013cleaning minerals micromount box tweezersArticleDavid Roe
89142013Morocco SMLS 2013 Bou Azzer Toussit Mibladen Imiter Pierre Clavel Imilchil mesolite natroliteReportJohn Pearce
89162013Natrolite mesolite crystals Imilchil MoroccoPhotoMark White
89172013synthetic minerals growing crystals libetheniteArticleStephen Plant
89172013synthetic crystals libethenitePhotoStephen Plant
89192013Minco North Pennines update 2013 mining drilling operationsReportRoy Starkey
89222013Scotgold Cononish update 2013 mining operations on holdReportRoy Starkey
89202013South Crofty mining update 2013 future uncertainReportRoy Starkey
89262013Bobkingite Cerro Minado Andalusia Spain MINDAT photo of the dayPhotoChristian Rewitzer
89272013Wherry Mine Penzance Cornwall history booklet Peter JosephReportRoy Starkey
89262013Haltcliffe Smelter copper English Heritage Ancient MonumentArticleMartin Stolworthy
89262013Herodsfoot Mine Liskeard Museum Richard HumphreyReportRoy Starkey
9032013BMS Symposium 2013 ReportRoy Starkey
9062013BMS AGM 2013 Founder’s Cup Harry Christine CritchleyMinutes
90162013BMS Competition Rules 2013AnnouncementMartin Gale
90192013BMS Constitution 2013Announcement
90222013Idar Oberstein hockey tournament visit to agate mineArticleTrevor Devon
90232013Hemerdon Mine Wolf Minerals update 2013ReportDavid Roe
90242013South Crofty mining update 2013ReportRoy Starkey
90242013Scotgold Cononish mining update 2013ReportRoy Starkey
90252013Minco North Pennines Orefield mining update 2013ReportRoy Starkey
90262013Yorkshire Potash update 2013ReportRoy Starkey
90272013Lapworth Museum Birmingham renovation project ReportRoy Starkey
90222013Vitamin C ascorbic acid cleans barite iron stainingReportTrevor Bridges
90222013Cornwall Hallenbeagle Mine North Wheal Towan Pedn An Drea Binner Downs MineReportRob Selley
90222013George William Hall 2013 WalesObituaryRoy Starkey
9112014Hawaii lava flowsPhotoRoy Starkey
9152014Don Alderson 2013 ObituaryPhil Taylor
9172014Jamie Nelson 100th birthday 2013AnnouncementJohn Pearce
9192014Giveaway tablesArticleQuintin Wight
91102014Scandium element minerals euxeniteArticleDavid Green
91122014Phosgenite crystals chemical synthesisArticleSteve Plant
91132014Phosgenite crystals syntheticPhotoSteve Plant
91152014Rum Jungle Northern Territory Australia pyromorphite ArticleMalcolm Southwood
91162014Rum Jungle Northern Territory Australia malachite PhotoMalcolm Southwood
91162014Rum Jungle Northern Territory Australia pyromorphite PhotoMalcolm Southwood
91172014Rum Jungle Northern Territory Australia cerrusite PhotoMalcolm Southwood
91182014Rum Jungle Northern Territory Australia wulfenitePhotoMalcolm Southwood
91192014Micromounting experience ArticleRichard Bell
91212014Cornwall Mount Bay consuls Wheal Vreah Speed Penrose Dolcoath LushingtonArticleRob Selley
91242014Martin Stolworthy BMS ChairmanBiographyDavid Roe
91262014John VanstonBiographyDavid Roe
91272014Zeolite datasheetsReportRoy Starkey
91282014Austrian Alps mineral specimens 1959ArticleTrevor Bridges
91292014BMS Micromineral Reference Collection ReportTrevor Devon
91302014Founder’s Cup British Micromount Society historyArticleChristine Critchley
91372014Collecting stories in Cornwall Stowes Shaft chalcosideriteArticleSheila Harper
91382014Hemerdon Mine Wolf Minerals update 2014 Report
9242014Eddie Foy 2013ObituarySteve Burchmore 
9252014College Court Leicester University new BMS Symposium venueReportMartin Stolworthy
9272014Mineral photography ArticleMartin Stolworthy
9282014Microscope Lens cleaning air-brush solventsTipDavid Green
92102014Arthurite Hingston Down  CornwallArticleMalcolm Southwood
92112014Arthurite globular crust Hingston Down  CornwallPhotoMalcolm Southwood
92122014Littleham Cove Devon nodules minerals UraniumArticleDavid Ifold
92152014Mineral competitions North America EuropeArticleQuintin Wight
92182014Zeolite databaseReportAlan Dyer
92192014Cligga Head Cornwall wolframite abseilingArticleFrank Ince
92212014Mike Leppington Uganda ZambiaBiographyDavid Roe
92222014Ian Brucite crystals Driggith PhotoMike Leppington
92232014Shirley AdrianBiographyDavid Roe
92252014Rock roomArticleSteve Burchmore 
92272014wrapping field specimens ArticleSheila Harper
92282014Fluorite Hilton Mine Scordale CumbriaArticleMike Dannatt
92302014Michigan USA Copper 2006ArticleHarry Critchley
92302014Pumpellyite Centennial Mine Michigan USA PhotoHarry Critchley
92332014Barytes formation hydrothermal brineArticleTrevor Bridges
92342014Pin mounting micromineralsTipSheila Harper
92352014Micromount box gripsTipDavid Roe
92352014Serious GlueTipDavid Roe
92362014Olivine fixing carbon dioxide ArticleDavid Roe
92422014Hemerdon Tungsten Mine 2014 activityReportDavid Roe
9312014Erionite offretitePhotoJohn Hall
9342014Storr Skye zeolites ArticleAlan Dyer
9352014Lady slipper pseudomorph barite crystal morphologyArticleDavid Green
9372014Lanzarote microminerals zeolites phillipsite morvenite stemplecrystal twinnning erionite offretiteArticleJohn Pearce
93112014Oneta Wilson zeolites Alan Dyer mordenite Todhead BMSArticleOneta Wilson
93132014BMS Symposium 2014 Founders Cup Beryl Taylor Mike Rothwell Trophy Richard BelsonReportRoy Starkey
93202014Executive profile BMS Vice President Richard BelsonBiographyDavid Roe
93212014Malachite curly crystal Cannington Park PhotoRichard Belson
93222014Executive profile Doug Morgan minerals gems lapidaryBiographyDavid Roe
93242014Faceted fluorites Doug MorganPhotoRoy Starkey
93242014Granite pegmatites of Maine USA SMLS Field Trip Poland Mining Camp Mary Groves Emmons Orchard ReportPhil Taylor
93242014Bennett Woody Thomson Frank Perham Mount Mica Havey Keith Pulsifer elbaiteReportPhil Taylor
93352014Rock room wooden mineral storage cabinets, rock crusher, Wild microscope, antiquarian chemistry booksArticleFrank Ince
93412014Pressurized water spray washerTipMartin Stolworthy
9412015Fumaroles Vulcano Aeolian Isles ItalyPhotoRoy Starkey
9442015William Allen Bolton 2014ObituaryChristine Critchley
9452015Pam Parlanti 2014ObituaryYvonne Osborne
9472015Lady’s Slipper Virtuous Lady Mine crystal morphology anhydrite ArticleNeil Hubbard
9482015Devilline Hingston Down Quarry ReportPeter Trebilcock
9482015Spangolite Hingston Down QuarryReportRichard Bell
9492015Maine Mineral Museum Bethel USA SMLS visitArticleDavid Binns
9492015Tourmaline Maine Mineral MuseumPhotoPhil Taylor
94112015Weardale Greenlaws Mine fluorite mining operationsArticleColleen Thomson
94152015Weardale Greenlaws Mine purple fluorite cubic crystalsPhotoColleen Thomson
94182015Poudrette Quarry Mont Saint-Hilaire Hornfels Pipe Quebec Canada Anatase Brookite DolomiteArticleQuintin Wight
94182015Anatase Poudrette Quarry Mont Saint-Hilaire Quebec Canada PhotoQuintin Wight
94192015Tayler’s Museum Haarlem Netherlands Hauy crystal modelsArticleFrank Bouweraerts
94252015Julien Drugman Cornwall beta quartz crystals twin lawsArticleDavid Ifold
94272015Search for Beta-Quartz crystals Wheal Coates CornwallArticleSheila Harper
94292015Crystal Mountains Cairngorms Roy Starkey book launch EdinburghReportPhil Taylor
94312015Peter Trebilcock Cornwall Tinstone Luxulyan ValleyBiographyDavid Roe
94342015Francolite Fowey Consuls DevonPhotoPeter Trebilcock
94352015Canada 1994 Mont Saint-Hilaire weloganite  Bancroft sodalite Cobalt silverArticleHarry Critchley
94362015Canada 1994 Francon Quarry weloganite  PhotoChristine Critchley
94372015David Binns Hastings Stone Corner mineral shopBiographyDavid Roe
94392015Nigel Hoppe optics engineer microscopes gold  prospectingBiographyDavid Roe
94412015Chalcotrichite crystals Fowey Consuls DevonPhotoNigel Hoppe
94322015BMS Micromount Minerals Reference Collection themed viewing setsReportTrevor Devon
9512015Arogonite Llynclys Quarry ShropshirePhotoRoy Starkey
9542015Trevor Bridges 2015ObituaryRoy Starkey
9592015New BMS Symposium venue 2015 College Court Leicester UniversityReportMartin Stolworthy
95102015Close up photography micromineralsArticleMartin Stolworthy
95122015Hand lens opticsArticleDavid Green
95142015Zeolites Scottish Islands Skye Mull Harris Orkney JuraArticleDyer Wilson
95162015Inclusions calcite Nan Dan Guangxi ChinaArticleMalcolm Southwood
95162015Calcite rhombohedral crystal haematite inclusionsPhotoMalcolm Southwood
95172015Garnets Black Isle Cromarty Firth ScotlandArticlePaul Monk
95202015Cornwall TresaveanReportRob Selley
95212015Phil Taylor BMSBiographyDavid Roe
95252015Michael Dunmore BMSBiographyDavid Roe
95262015Fluorite cubic crystal Crich Quarry DerbyshirePhotoMichael Dunmore
95282015Moylbdenum minerals Midlands England Sulphides MolybdatesArticleFrank Ince
95302015Collecting greenockite Loanhead quarry RenfrewshireArticleSusan Tyzack
95332015Zuber Rock Splitter use and effectivenessReviewDavid Binns
95352015Canary Isles collecting 2015 Florence Mine 1995 New Glencrief Mine Wanlockhead ArticleHarry Critchley
95372015Close up photography microminerals book photo stacking Julian CremonaBook ReviewJohn Hall
95392015Mineralogy introduction book John MasonBook ReviewDavid Roe
95412015Scotgold Cononish update 2015ReportRoy Starkey
95412015Duntanlich Baryte Mine proposal ReportRoy Starkey
9612015Torbenite tabular crystal Musonoi CongoPhotoUlrich Wagner
9642015Pyrite a Natural History of Fool’s Gold book David RickardBook ReviewDavid Roe
9652015Goyazite occurrence Black Isle Cromarty Firth ScotlandArticlePaul Monk
9662015Polarising Microscope identification of mineralsArticleDavid Green
96102015Mont St. Hilaire quarries Eudidymite ArticleQuintin Wight
96122015Raspite tungstate Hingston Down quarryReportDavid Clough
96132015BMS Symposium 2015 ReportRoy Starkey
96162015BMS AGM 2015 Founder’s Cup Martin StolworthyReportPhil Taylor
96252015BMS Symposium 2015 CompetitionsReportRick Turner
96272015BMS reference collection themed sets availableReportTrevor Devon
96282015Harry Critchley WarringtonBiographyDavid Roe
96302015Sigmund Zois Slovenia Ljubjana Natural History MuseumArticleRoy Starkey
96322015Cornwall Wheal Busy Wheal Neptune Wheal CharlotteArticleRob Selley
96332015Beta Quartz crystals Belowda Beacon CornwallArticleSheila Harper
96342015Beta Quartz crystals Belowda Beacon CornwallPhotoSheila Harper
96352015Lenticular hematite Egremont Levyne Skye Kinniside Cleator Moor Greenhow Hill Force CragArticleHarry Critchley
96362015Killhope Lead Mining MuseumArticleRoger Le Voir
96372015Drakelands Mine localityArticleDavid Roe
96392015Baryte Flint Nodules Sidestrand NorfolkArticleStolworthy Belson
96412015Brunel microscope dual flexlite ReportDavid Roe
96422015Cornish Rock TrimmerAnnouncementPeter Trebilcock
96432015Heddle book Hamish JohnstonBook ReviewRoy Starkey
9712016Epididymite trilling Elpidite Mont Saint HilairePhotoQuintin Wight
9742016Pam Pearce 2015 SussexObituaryRoy Starkey
9752016Crystal Models 3D SmorfReportRoy Starkey
9782016Jeanbandyite  Kilham Mine CornwallReportStolworthy Gale
9792016Jeanbandyite  Kilham Mine CornwallPhotoStolworthy
9792016Anatase Kilham Mine CornwallPhotoStolworthy
97112016Mont Saint-Hilaire elpidite epididymite ferroceladoniteArticleQuintin Wight
97112016FerroceladonitePhotoQuintin Wight
97132016Photography minerals techniquesArticleUlrich Wagner
97132016Azurite Kamariza Laurion GreecePhotoUlrich Wagner
97152016Sphalerite Parc Slip West WalesPhotoUlrich Wagner
97172016Baryte Milldam Mine DerbyshirePhotoUlrich Wagner
97192016Blencathra Mine Saddleback Old Mine Cumbria storm devastationArticlePeter Todhunter
97202016Collection bequests to MuseumsArticlePaul Monk
97232016Folgosinho Portugal quartz apatite iron phosphates strengite cacoxenite phosphosiderite strunziteArticleDavid Roe
97282016Andy Castleton mineral dealer NorfolkBiographyDavid Roe
97302016Colleen Thomson mineral roomBiographyDavid Roe
97342016Gold ore density volume mass measurement calculationArticleDavid Green
97362016Ascorbic acid Vitamin C cleaning minerals removing goethiteTipPeter Todhunter
97372016LED light boxTipPeter Trebilcock
97382016Wheal Hatchet ArticleRob Selley
97392016Vauquelinite Rue de Vauquelin Dieppe Marie Curie Louis Nicholas Vauquelin ArticleSheila Harper
97402016Sandbed Driggith Caldbeck Fells 1998 Kinniside Mine Cleator Moor 1996ArticleHarry Critchley
9812016Vésigniéite New Cliffe Hill Quarry LeicestershirePhotoDavid Green
9842016Ascorbic acid Vitamin C warning clouds apatiteTipDavid Roe
9882016Pegmatite minerals Pakistan warning mislabelled misidentified vayrynenite vorobyeviteArticleColleen Thomson
98102016Vayrynenite Pakistan Chitral Beryllium Manganese phosphatePhotoColleen Thomson
98122016Book illustrated 48 mineral species Bréziès Asprières Aveyron France LeconteBook ReviewThierry Dreyer
98122016Killham Mine Cornwall history Tin Wheal CorytonArticleStolworthy Gale
98162016Vanadium minerals English Midland Oxides VanadatesArticleFrank Ince
98172016Descloizite Whitwell DerbyshirePhotoDavid Green
98182016Mottramite Peldar Tor quarry LeicestershirePhotoDavid Green
98182016Tangeite New Cliffe quarry LeicestershirePhotoDavid Green
98202016Volborthite Bardon Hill quarry LeicestershirePhotoDavid Green
98222016Tsumeb mineral collector exploring BGS SEM X-ray EDSArticleWalter Veldsman
98222016Stolzite SEM PhotoWalter Veldsman
98242016Mont Saint-Hilaire natrolite rhodochrositeArticleQuintin Wight
98242016Natrolite crystals Mont Saint-HilairePhotoQuintin Wight
98252016Rhodochrosite crystals Mont Saint-HilairePhotoQuintin Wight
98262016Ulrich Wagner Mineral Photography equipment ArticleDavid Roe
98262016Azurite crystals Leogang SalzburgPhotoUlrich Wagner
98272016Langite crystals Grüne Aue SiegerlandPhotoUlrich Wagner
98322016Peretaite crystals Pereta Mine Tuscany ItalyPhotoUlrich Wagner
98342016Holmbush Mine Brandy Bottle tips Ben More Mull Padstow Consuls mineral specimensArticleHarry Critchley
98352016Waringtonite brochantiteArticleSheila Harper
98372016Lavenite crystal Granite Mountain Arkansas USAPhotoHenry Barwood
98372016Canadian Micromount AssociationAnnouncementDavid Roe
98342016Alan Hanton Norfolk Mineral SocietyBiographyDavid Roe
98342016Museum news Lapworth Birmingham ArticleColleen Thomson
98402016BMS Micromount Reference Collection updateReportTrevor Devon
98422016Micromounting glue dotsArticleSusan Tyzack
9912016BindheimitePhotoMartin Gale
9952016Cannonite Fowey Consuls Cornwall Bismuth oxy sulphateArticlePeter Trebilcock
9962016Vayrynenite Pakistan Chitral Beryllium Manganese phosphateArticleRichard Braithwaite
9972016Bayldonite John Bayldon Australia lead copper arsenateArticleJohn Haupt
99102016Fieldtrip Cornwall Kennisham Hill Iron Mine Exmoor bismuth mineralsReportDavid Roe
99112016Shoremill Beach Scotland Ben Wyvis pegmatites beach pebblesArticlePaul Monk
99132016Zeolites British Shropshire Staffordshire Lancashire Isle of WightArticleDyer Randle Wilson
99152016Zeunerite Cligga CornwallPhotoRoy Starkey
99152016Erythrite Wheal Lushington CornwallPhotoRob Selley
99162016Symposium 2016 Round the Tables ReportDavid Roe
99182016Symposium 2016 Leicester Ulrich Wagner photography John Haupt Broken Hill AustraliaReportRoy Starkey
99182016Calcite display Trevor DevonPhotoRoy Starkey
99202016Ulrich Wagner microphotography equipmentPhotoRoy Starkey
99222016BMS AGM 2016 Founders’s Cup Richard BellMinutes
99282016Ulrich Wagner Mike Rothwell AwardReportDavid Roe
99292016Pyrite cube Viruous Lady Mine DevonPhotoChristine Critchley
99292016Devon virtuous Lady Mine Cornwall Gunnell St. AustellArticleHarry Critchley
99312016Martin Gale micromineral collector Symposium organiserProfileDavid Roe
99352016Chemical elements minerals interactive database periodic table MINDATArticlePhil Taylor
99392016Nikon Plan lens CFI 10xReportUlrich Wagner
99402016ArticleRoy Starkey
99412016AnatasePhotoUlrich Wagner
99412016Internet Virtual Museum History Mineralogy Collections Paul Tambuyser Claude           HooteleArticleRoe Harper
99422016Limescale remover recommendedReportDavid Ifold
99482016Paul LoweObituary
10012017Anglesite PhotoUlrich Wagner
10042017Peter WallaceObituary
10052017Roy Starkey Marsh AwardArticleDavid Roe
10062017Torbenite Metatorbenite Zeunerite Wheal Basset Cornwall Copper ArsenateArticleMalcolm Southwood
100162017Mineral Collection building disposalArticleDavid Hardman
100192017Leadhills Wanlockhead accessNoteNeil Hubbard
100202017Uranium Vanadium nodules Littleham Bay Devon mudstoneArticle Alysson Rowan
100302017Micromount collections Museums lithotekArticleQuintin Wight
100352017Uranium mining Shinkolobwe Congo World War IIArticleJohn Pearce
100382017Roy Starkey mineral collecting ProfileDavid Roe
100442017Aluminium arsenates Penberthy Croft Cornwall Bettertonite PenberthycroftiteArticleJohn Betterton
100492017Flodigarry Skye Laumontite Dunvegan zeolites Stowes Shaft liskeardite(?)ArticleHarry Critchley
100512017Chris Jewson Cornish mineralsProfileDavid Roe
1005720173D imaging museum minerals Virtual Microscope ProjectArticleClive Cornwall
100602017Ring light microscope mineral photographyArticleUlrich Wagner
100632017Pyrometamorphism slagheap mineralsArticleTim Riley
100642017Bismuth radioctive decayArticleDavid Green
100662017Iron meteoritesArticleDavid Roe
100672017Tenebrescence UV sodalite hackmanite tugtupiteArticlePhil Taylor
100722017Photo stackingArticleMartin Stolworthy
100752017Cornwall Perran St. George quartz pseudomorph barite Wheal BetsyArticleRob Selley
10112017Anatase Kilham CornwallPhotoMartin Stolworthy
10162017BassetitePhotoMalcolm Southwood
10172017BassetitePhotoMalcolm Southwood
10162017Bassetite iron uranyl phosphate autuniteArticleMalcolm Southwood
10192017Macro mineral photography Zerene stacker Zhongyi Super Macro lens PMax DMapArticleSteve Sorrell
101122017Olivenite Clara OberwolfachPhotoSteve Sorrell
101122017Chlorides cleaning care sea waterArticleBarnes Chapman Green
101132017Phosgenite Wheal Penrose CornwallPhotoDavid Green
101142017Penfieldite ChilePhotoJohn Chapman
101152017Coal mines south Yorkshire Manvers baryte Orgreave calcite ArticleBriscoe Green
101162017Baryte Manvers CollieryPhotoPeter Briscoe 
101162017Wheal Margery dendritic copper wood tinArticleRob Selley
101182017Native copper ArticleDavid Hardman
101182017Native copper Ray Mine ArizonaPhotoDavid Hardman
101192017Native copper Wheal Basset CornwallPhotoDavid Hardman
101192017Native copper Corocoro BoliviaPhotoDavid Hardman
101212017Pseudomorphs copper after aragonitePhotoDavid Hardman
101232017Serpentine metamorphic rockArticleAlysson Rowan
101312017Magnetite Tintagel Porth Island Cornwall iron smeltingArticleSheila Harper
101332017Oxford Show Colleen Thomson Sara Giller Ross WhittakerArticleColleen Thomson
101362017David Roe chemist micromounter astronomyBiography
101402017Siderite Boswedden CornwallArticleMartin Stolworthy
101402017Siderite Boswedden CornwallPhotoMartin Stolworthy
101422017Micro inclusions gem crystalsArticleDavid Binns
101442017Metatyumunite Tyuyanunite PhotoJohn Chapman
101442017Scotlandite Lanarkite Leadhillite Macphersonite WanlockheadPhotoJohn Chapman
101442017Sperrylite RussiaPhotoJohn Chapman
10212017Siderite Wheal Drea CornwallPhotoMartin Gale
10222017John BodemeaidObituaryRoy Starkey
10252017Peter Wallace Sidcup Mineral Lapidary SocietyObituaryRoy Starkey
10282017Geoff Deverell Southampton Mineral Fossil SocietyObituaryRoy Starkey
102102017Bob Snowball Norfolk Mineral SocietyObituary
102122017BMS AGM 2017 Founder’s Cup Robbie SelleyMinutes
102192017BMS Symposium 2017ReportRoy Starkey
102232017British Micromount Symposium 2017 ReportDavid Roe
102252017Mike Rothwell Award 2017 Colleen ThomsonReportDavid Roe
102262017British Micromount Symposium 2017 winning photograph  Copper crystals Munsterbusch smelterPhotoU;rich Wagner
102282017Keweenaw Michigan USA Copper mining minerals native copperArticleDavid Hardman
102292017Silver copper Minnesota Mine Michigan USAPhotoDavid Hardman
102292017Copper prehnite Osceola Mine Michigan USAPhotoDavid Hardman
102292017Epidote Osceola Mine Michigan USAPhotoDavid Hardman
102312017Copper Isle Royal Mine Michigan USAPhotoDavid Hardman
102362017Convoy S2+ 365 Nichia Long Wave UV Torch strong beamReportRichard Belson
102372017Rock trimmer Zuber user difficultiesArticleSusan Tyzack
102392017Penberthy Croft Mine slag green rust mineral fougerite decomposes rapidlyArticleSheila Harper
102412017Hassi Messaoud Algeria gypsum desert roses confiscated CustomsArticleClive Cornwall
102422017Chabazite-Na Bundoora Victoria AustraliaPhotoSteve Sorrell
102432017Fluorite jelly worm crystal beads Passa Limani Lavrion Greece PhotoMartin Gale
102432017Grape chalcedony IndonesiaPhotoDavid Roe
102442017Malachite wulfenite Isolation Mine DerbyshirePhotoMartin Stolworthy
102442017Bayldonite Type locality Penberthy Croft Wheal CarpenterArticleNeil Hubbard
102462017BMS Micromineral Reference Collection Themed sets Caldbecs Cornwall Devon Scotland SulphidesReportTrevor Devon
10312018cassiterite quartz Wheal Charlotte PhotoRob Selley
10342018Martin Ellam South West BMSObituary
10342018Doug MorganObituaryRoy Starkey
10372018Peru Bolivia mineral collectionArticleDavid Hardman
103102018Wavellite Siglo XX Mine Llallagua BoliviaPhotoDavid Hardman
103102018Paravauxite Siglo XX Mine Llallagua BoliviaPhotoDavid Hardman
103112018MagnetiteCerra Huanquino Potosi BoliviaPhotoDavid Hardman
103112018Tetrahedrite Casapalca Mine PeruPhotoDavid Hardman
103122018Orpiment Quiruvilca Mine PeruPhotoDavid Hardman
103122018Cylindrite San Francisco Mine Oruro BoliviaPhotoDavid Hardman
103132018Auflicht Objectivklemme Wild microscope accessoryArticle David Green
103152018Peppercombe Portledge Devon geologyArticle Alysson Rowan
103212018Hemerdon Bal specimens scorodite Cligga Head Article Harry Critchley
103232018Photography UV fluorescent minerals colour variations Convoy S 2+ Torch Article Richard Belson
103232018Hackmanite yellow fluorescence! UV Convoy torchPhotoRichard Belson
103242018Boltsburn Fluorite pink! UV Convoy torchPhotoRichard Belson
103252018Wulfenite fluoresces UV Convoy torchPhotoRichard Belson
103252018South Crofty Cornwall erythriteArticleRob Selley
103262018Synthetic Pyromorphite hexagonal prismatic crystals techniquesArticleSteve Plant
103272018SEM image Pyromorphite synthetic hexagonal crystalsPhotoDuncan Muir
103312018Synthetic Pyromorphite elongated prismatic crystals PhotoSteve Plant
103312018SEM image Pyromorphite synthetic acicicular crystalPhotoDuncan Muir
103322018Olivenite  Mixite Clara Oberwolfach GermanyPhotoMartin Gale
103332018Mineral Photography equipment Canon EOS camera utility software Helicon Focus stackingArticleMartin Gale
103352018easy fit cabinet LED strip lightingArticleChristine Critchley
103362018azurite Ecton Hill Mine tabular crystalPhotoMartin Stolworthy
103372018Veszelyite Wanlockhead  BMS Reference Specimen 763PhotoMartin Stolworthy
103382018Clinoclase Wheal Gorland CornwallPhotoSteve Rust
103382018Ferroan variscite Monarch Quarry South AustraliaPhotoSteve Sorrell
103392018Quietite Red Gill Mine Caldbeck Fells CumbriaPhotoJohn Hall
103402018Balmoral Cairngorms exhibition minerals jewellery 2018ReportRoy Starkey
103412018Sheila Harper Newquay rock room collectionArticleDavid Roe
10442018Alan Edwards Norfolk Mineral Lapidary SocietyObituaryRoy Starkey
10472018Sainte Marie Mineral show 2018 Clara Mine Dumps Norfolk Minerlal Society Sasbach QuarryReportRichard Belson
104102018Andradite garnet Coatsgate Quarry Dumfries ArticleRichard Braithwaite
104112018Andradite crystals Coatsgate Quarry Dumfries PhotoRichard Braithwaite
104122018Long Comb Mine Cumbria CobaltArticle Richard Braithwaite
104122018Long Comb Mine Cumbria WavellitePhotoRichard Braithwaite
104132018Long Comb Mine Cumbria VariscitePhotoRichard Braithwaite
104132018Long Comb Mine Cumbria ApatitePhotoRichard Braithwaite
104152018Radioactive minerals Uranium Thorium Radon gas risks handling precautionsArticleAlysson Rowan
104152018Torbenite South Whael Basset CornwallPhotoDavid Green
104192018Fluorescence Convoy 2+ torch ArticleChapman Green
104152018Hemimorphite Fluorescence Convoy 2+ torch PhotoJohn Chapman 
104152018Willemite fluorescence imagesPhotoJohn Chapman 
104282018Grape chalcedony Sulawesi IndonesiaPhotoColleen Thomson
104292018Grape chalcedony Manakarra Sulawesi IndonesiaPhotoColleen Thomson
104302018Greenhow Hill specimens Smallcleugh specimensArticleHarry Critchley
104312018Sphalerite SmallcleughPhotoChristine Critchley
104322018Tellurium mineral tellurobismuthite Wheal Edward Cornwall ArticleRob Selley
104322018Tellurium mineral tellurobismuthite Wheal Edward Cornwall PhotoRob Selley
104332018Cuprite epimorph Bampfylde Mine DevonArticleDavid Roe
104332018Cuprite epimorph Bampfylde Mine DevonPhotoDavid Roe
104342018Beta Quartz twinned crystals collected Cote d’Azur beach ArticleDavid Roe
104352018Mineral specimen storage boxes revisitedArticleMartin Stolworthy
104362018Harmotome Whitesmith Mine Strontian ScotlandPhotoMartin Stolworthy
104372018Brochantite Bampfylde Mine DevonPhotoSteve Rust
104382018Anatase Manad Quarry WalesPhotoDavid Roe
104392018Torbenite West Wheal Owles St JustPhotoMartin Gale
104422018Hemimorphite Barras End ArkengarthdalePhotoJohn Chapman
10542018Alan Edwards Norfolk Mineral Lapidary SocietyObituaryRoy Starkey
10552018BMS Symposium 2018ReportRoy Starkey
10592018BMS AGM 2018 Founder’s Cup Ulrich WagnerMinutesPhil Taylor
105152018Wavellite High Down Quarry Devon Rupert Harrison micromineral winnerPhotoUlrich Wagner
105162018Pyromorphite Roughton Gill Mike Leppington micromineral  winnerPhotoUlrich Wagner
105162018Cassiterite Genna Smelter Lethmathe Germany winnerPhotoUlrich Wagner
105172018Mike Rothwell Award 2018 Einhard Kleist, Sigie Teige David BinnsArticleDavid Roe
105182018Symposium roundupArticleDavid Roe
105202018Jade nephrite amphibole silicate tremolite actinolite ferro-actinolite jadeite clino-pyroxene ArticleDavid Binns
105212018Tremolite nephritePhotoDavid Binns
105212018Actinolite nephritePhotoDavid Binns
105212018Jadeite MyanmarPhotoDavid Binns
105242018Clara Mine Black Forest Germany Museum Oberwolfach mine dumps collectingArticleEinhard Kleist
105252018Baryte Clara Mine GermanyPhotoEinhard Kleist
105252018Fluorite Clara Mine GermanyPhotoEinhard Kleist
105302018Polybasite Clara Mine GermanyPhotoK.-H. Grosch
105302018Sklodowskite Clara Mine GermanyPhotoM. Noller
105312018Claraite Clara Mine GermanyPhotoR. Dietter
105322018Drakenwalls Mine Hemerdon Bal closed down operational failures ReportDavid Roe
105332018Collectors’ Guide Minerals Flinders Victoria Australia Book Steve SorrellReportSteve Sorrell
105342018Minerals English Midlands Roy Starkey Book ReportDavid Roe
105352018Baryte crystals faces goniometer eyepiece Miller Indices Yorkshire coal mines ArticleDavid Green
105382018Baryte prismatic crystal facesPhotoJohn Chapman
105362018Baryte Hickleton Colliery YorkshirePhotoJohn Chapman
105402018Levyne Cairns Bay Flinders Victoria AustraliaPhotoSteve Sorrell
105412018Faujasite Limberg Sasbach GermanyPhotoMartin Stolworthy
105412018Torbenite Zeunerite South Terras Mine PhotoRichard Bell
105422018Natrolite thomsonite Lanzarote BMS Photo CompetitionPhotoSusan Tyzack
105432018XRD  X-ray diffraction sample preparationArticleTom Cotterell
10612019Steve Rust 2018 Marsh AwardPhotoPhil Taylor
10652019Steve Rust 2018 Marsh Award Natural History MuseumReportPhil Taylor
106102019Calcite on Thomsonite Aranga Quarry New ZealandPhotoDavid Hardman
106102019New Zealand mineralogy microminerals zeolitesArticleDavid Hardman
106112019Cerussite Tui Mine Coromandel New ZealandPhotoDavid Hardman
106122019Torbenite Buller Gorge New ZealandPhotoDavid Hardman
106122019Aragonite Okains Bay New ZealandPhotoDavid Hardman
106132019Stilbite Mount Upcot New ZealandPhotoDavid Hardman
106152019Wheal Penwinnick Cornwall ArticleRob Selley
106162019Cruising holidaysArticleChristine Critchley
106182019James Reilly astronaut visits Geopark Bunmahon Ireland spacewalkingArticleMike Sweeney
106192019Keweenaw Michigan datolite Closehouse Mine Durham cerussiteArticleHarry Critchley
106202019Lushingon Mine CornwallPhotoRoe Selley
106212019Erythrite Wheal Lushington CornwallPhotoMartin Gale
106232019Trevor Devon microminerals display cabinets overseas field trips Sussex Mineral Society BiographyDavid Roe
106242019European Minerals display cabinet Trevor DevonPhotoTrevor Devon
106262019Ron Wallace gerhardtite barlowiteArticleSteve Sorrell
106262019Magnetite Biggenden Mine AustraliaPhotoSteve Sorrell
106272019Stank Mine Barrow Oisgill Bay Skye levyneArticleHarry Critchley
106282019Levyne Oisgill bayPhotoChristine Critchley
106292019Geology auction Lewes StromatolitesArticleJohn Pearce
106302019Stromatolites BoliviaPhotoJohn Pearce
106312019Denver Museum Nature Science diamonds microminerals ArticleDavid Roe 
106322019Codden Hill Devon aluminium phosphates wavellite variscite cacoxenite paragenesisArticleRoe Rowan
106352019Wavellite Variscite High Down Filleigh DevonPhotoAlysson Rowan
106362019Wavellite High Down Filleigh DevonPhotoDavid Roe
106372019Cacoxenite High Down Filleigh DevonPhotoDavid Roe
106382019Manganese dendrites Downrew Quarry Codden Hill DevonPhotoAlysson Rowan
106402019Pyromorphite Leadhills PhotoSteve Rust
106412019Hemimorphite Whitaside SwaledalePhotoJohn Chapman
106422019Pyromorphite Old Brandy Mine CumbriaPhotoMartin Stolworthy
106432019Mimetite Kintore Open Cut Broken Hill AustraliaPhotoSteve Sorrell
106432019Pyromorphite Llechwedd Helig WalesPhotoDavid Roe
106442019United Downs geothermal powerArticlePhil Taylor
10712019Carminite Clara GermanyPhotoJaques Feijen
10742019David Moulding CornwallObituaryDavid Roe
10752019Jean Spence MidlandsObituaryDavid Green
10782019BMS Reference Collection digital photographs databaseArticleGale Stolworthy
107102019Linarite Waterbank Staffordshire BMS Reference Collection PhotoMartin Stolworthy
107102019Aurichalcite Hilton Cumbria BMS Reference CollectionPhotoMartin Stolworthy
107132019Convoy S2+ Long Wave UV torch warning battery overheating ArticleRichard Belson
107142019Greenlaws Mine excavations historical artefactsArticleColleen Thomson
107142019Fluorite Greenlaws PhotoPete Ward
107152019Fluorite Greenlaws PhotoPete Ward
107182019Fluorite Greenlaws PhotoPete Ward
107182019Fluorite Greenlaws cranberry twinPhotoMax Holman
107192019crystal cavities Shakes LocksArticleDavid Green
107202019Epidote world collectionArticleDavid Hardman
107202019Epidote Harts Range, Northern Territory AustraliaPhotoAndrew Hardman
107212019Epidote on quartz Green Monster Mine AlaskaPhotoAndrew Hardman
107222019Epidote Guadalupe Island Baja MexicoPhotoAndrew Hardman
107232019Epidope on albite MadagascarPhotoAndrew Hardman
107242019Epidope Imilchil MoroccoPhotoAndrew Hardman
107262019Epidope prehnite MaliPhotoAndrew Hardman
107262019Epidope Huancavelica PeruPhotoAndrew Hardman
107252019Wheal Lushington mineral listArticleDavid Roe
107272019Relistien Wheal ConcordArticleRob Selley
107282019Laumontite The Storr Skye Kremikovtzi Bulgaria Baryte Lavrion GreeceArticleHarry Critchley
107282019Laumontite The Storr SkyePhotoDavid Roe
107292019Baryte Kremikovtzi BulgariaPhotoChristine Critchley
107302019Copperthwaite Swaledale Fluorite Hexoctahedral crystal formArticleGreen Chapman
107312019Fluorite Copperthwaite SwaledalePhotoJohn Chapman
107352019Veszelyite Wanlockhead PhotoSteve Rust
107372019Wooldridgeite synthetic copper phosphate Steve Plant Jim WooldridgeArticleDavid Roe
107372019Wooldridgeite synthetic copper phosphate PhotoDavid Roe
107392019Anatase Rutile Lacheggklamm AustriaPhotoUlrich Wagner
107392019Geminite Erzgebirge PhotoUlrich Wagner
107392019Anatase on brookite Manod quarry WalesPhotoMartin Stolworthy
107392019Garnet Loanhead PhotoMartin Gale
10812019cacoxenite Augusta Ridge Arizona PhotoMartin Gale
10842019BMS Reference Collection ReportTrevor Devon
10852019Vicki PackardObituaryDavid Roe
10862019BMS Symposium 2019 photographic workshopReportRoy Starkey
108102019BMS AGM Founder’s Cup Martin GaleMinutesPhil Taylor
108112019Lanarkite Meadowfoot SmelterPhotoMartin Gale
108122019Cacoxenite Stowes Shaft PhotoRichard Bell
108182019Symposium 2019 Article Peter Bainbridge
108192019Symposium 2019ReviewDavid Roe
108212019Mike Rothwell Award 2019 Nigel HoppeReportDavid Roe
108242019Langite South Tolcarne Alan HantonPhotoMartin Gale
108242019Holbushite Holbush Mine Sebastian Axt PhotoMartin Gale
108252019Libethenite Eisenberg Germany Sebastian AxtPhotoMartin Gale
108252019Paralaurionite Lavrion Greece PhotoJacques Feijen
108262019Boral Bundoora Melbourne Australia zeolites  ferroan calcite analcime chabazite-Na GobbinsiteArticleJohn Haupt
108262019Chabazite Boral Bundoora Melbourne AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
108282019Thomsonite natrolite Boral Bundoora Melbourne AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
108282019Gobbinsite Boral Bundoora Melbourne AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
1082019Gold Rex Bingham Ron Callender panning Gold SpearArticleOneta Wilson
108322019Vivianite iron phosphate USA Ukraine Cameroon Bolivia YukonArticleJohn Hardman
108332019Vivianite Blackbird Mine Cobalt Idaho USAPhotoJohn Hardman
108342019Vivianite Anloua CameroonPhotoJohn Hardman
108342019Vivianite llallagua BoliviaPhotoJohn Hardman
108352019Vivianite Kerch Crimea (x2)PhotoJohn Hardman
108362019Vivianite Huanuni Oruro BoliviaPhotoJohn Hardman
108372019Vivianite Rapid Creek Yukon CanadaPhotoJohn Hardman
108372019Vivianite Wannon Falls Victoria AustraliaPhotoJohn Hardman
108382019Cornwall Wheal Damsel Carharrack Polperro St AgnesArticleRob Selley
108392019United Downs Redruth Cornwall Geothermal Power ArticlePhil Taylor
108422019Isafjordur Iceland zeolites ArticleHarry Critchley
108432019Langite Daren Mine Pen-bont WalesPhotoSteve Rust
108442019Opal epitaxial offretite faujasite Limberg GermanyPhotoMartin Stolworthy
10912020Azurite Hammam Jedidi TunisiaPhotoMartin Gale
10952020David NealObituaryRoy Starkey
10952020Munich Mineral Show newcomer Greenlaws Mining ProjectArticleColleen Thomson
109102020Sicily Sardinia Elba Mining MineralsArticleDavid Hardman
109112020Sulphur Agrigento SicilyPhotoDavid Hardman
109122020Celestine Sicily PhotoDavid Hardman
109122020Aragonite Agrigento SicilyPhotoDavid Hardman
109132020Phosgenite Anglesite Monteponi SardiniaPhotoDavid Hardman
109132020Calcite Monteponi SardiniaPhotoDavid Hardman
109142020Baryte Gonnesa SardiniaPhotoDavid Hardman
109152020Haematite ElbaPhotoDavid Hardman
109162020Elbaite ElbaPhotoDavid Hardman
109172020Fluorite epitaxial pyrite inclusions Copperthwaite SwaledaleArticleJohn Chapman
109172020Fluorite epitaxial pyrite inclusions Copperthwaite SwaledaleArticleDavid Green
109172020Fluorite epitaxial pyrite inclusions Copperthwaite SwaledalePhotoJohn Chapman
109182020Raman Spectroscopy mineral identification  RRUFF spectral database equipmentArticleEinhard Kleist
109252020DK Ultra Sonic ultrasonic mineral cleaner dirt coatings recommendationArticleDavid Roe
109262020Cumbria Field Trip 1987 Force Crag Mine Red Gill Roughton Gill Brandy Gill Dry Gill Carrock MineArticleMartin Stolworthy
109262020Wulfenite-stolzite Poddy Gill CumbriaPhotoMartin Stolworthy
109272020Bayldonite Brandy Gill CumbriaPhotoMartin Stolworthy
109292020Wheal Jewel St.Day Cornwall Anglesite copper minerals cassiterite sulphides topaz wolfram linariteArticleRob Selley
109302020Malachite California ChilePhotoMartin Stolworthy
109312020Minerals Frongoch Mine Wales Steve RustBook ReviewDavid Roe
109312020Linarite Frongoch Mine walesPhotoSteve Rust
109322020Hemerdon Ball Drakelands Mine Wolf Minerals Plymouth Devon Chris Robinson history  ArticleDavid Roe
109332020Wheal Emily Wheal Lopes Wheal Florence Bottle Hill Mine DevonArticleDavid Roe
109342020Freiberg Terra Mineralia Museum Krugerhaus Freudenstein Castle Pohl-StroherArticleMike Sweeney
109352020Freiberg Terra Mineralia Museum PhotoMike Sweeney
109392020Babel Quartz Wheal Rempfry CornwallPhotoSheila Harper
109392020Babel Quartz Wheal Rempfry Cornwall stacked crystalsArticleSheila Harper
109402020Lithium mining Cornwall micaArticleDavid Roe
109412020micromounting tools tweezers and pinsArticleDavid Green
109432020Strontian minerals brewsterite calcite ArticleHarry Critchley
109442020crown calcite crystals strontianPhotoHarry Critchley
109452020susannite crystal FrongochPhotoSteve Rust
109462020cassiterite scorodite Hingston Down PhotoDavid Roe
11012020Fluorite calcite North Mine Broken Hill AustraliaPhotoSteve Sorrell
11052020Jill Goltz 2020ObituaryChristine Critchley
11072020Harry Chritchley 2020ObituaryTaylor Starkey
110102020Online Rochester Mineralogical Symposium USA 2020ReportRoy Starkey
110142020Classic UK mineral specimens quartz St.Austell Cornwall Malachite Great Ormes Head WalesArticleDavid Hardman
110192020mineral chemical transformations pseudomorphs Murton Mine Scordale CumbriaArticle Green Chapman
110202020anglesite with cerussite Murton Mine Scordale CumbriaPhoto Green Chapman
110212020 beaverite-Cu on cerussite Murton Mine Scordale CumbriaPhoto Green Chapman
110222020malachite beaverite-Cu cerussite Murton Mine Scordale CumbriaPhoto Green Chapman
110232020Moon origin Apollo Luna programmes cosmology moon rock Gaia Theia impactArticlePhil Taylor
110292020Geological Exhibition North West Scotland Sutherland Don Shelley collectionArticleClive Cornwall
110312020Specimen display cabinet lightingArticleSusan Tyzack
110332020Crystal habits of ThomsoniteArticleJohn Haupt
110342020Crystal habits of ThomsonitePhotoJohn Haupt
110362020Elan Valley Rhiwnant Wales Keweenaw Copper USA Kintore Open Cut Broken Hill Australia SilverArticleHarry Critchley
110372020Raman Spectroscopy mineral identification polymorphsArticleEinhardt Kleist
110432020Natrolite thomsoniteFlinders AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
110442020photographing inclusions in crystals gems Danny SanchezArticleDavid Roe
110452020Raman Spectroscopy surface coatings problemArticleEinhardt Kleist
110462020Stolzite Pyromorphite Sphalerite Anglesite Kintore Open Cut Broken Hill AustraliaPhotoSteve Sorrell
110472020Mimetite Segnitite Beudantite Brochantite Penberthy Croft CornwallPhotoSteve Rust
11112020Erythrite Richelsdorf Smelter GermanyPhotoMartin Gale
11132020Rick TurnerObituaryRoy Starkey
11162020British Micromount Symposium 2020 virtual zoom ReportStarkey Roe
111102020Malachite Chrysocolla Wheal Phoenix CornwallPhotoRichard Bell
111112020Cacoxenite Mark Mine GermanyPhotoMartin Gale
111112020Mansfieldite Mount Cobalt Queensland AustraliaPhotoMartin Stolworthy
111122020Erythrite Tynebottom Mine WeardalePhotoMartin Stolworthy
111122020Erythrite Azurite Silberberg Brixlegg AustriaPhotoMartin Gale
111132020Oxford Mineral  virtual Show 2020ReportColleen Thomson
111152020Thomsonite Bundoora Melbourne AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
111152020Thomsonite Chabazite Jindvick AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
111152020Thomsonite Flinders AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
111162020Meral Collecting Field trip Cornwall 1986 Gunheath Phoenix Wheal Mary Ann Wheal MartinArticleChristine Critchley
111192020James Sowerby mineral illustrations British Mineralogy Exotic MineralogyArticleClive Cornwall
111212020Digital camera Photo stacking mineral images DMap PMax ArticleSteve Sorrell
111262020Flash photography aid ArticleMike Sweeney
111272020Stilbite zeolite series Stellerite Stilbite-Ca Stilbite-Na BarreriteArticleDavid Hardman
111312020Raman spectroscopy mineral identification RRUFF CrystalSleuth softwareArticleEinhard Kleist
111412020Lighting stand photographyArticleDavid Ifold
111422020Field Trip Talybont Wales Perran Iron Mine Wheal Uny Cornwall Buller Great Links Tor DevonReportMartin Stolworthy
111442020Cornwall Wheal Concord Jewel Metal Work Perran St. GeorgeArticleRob Selley
111452020Mineral Pseudomorphs ArticleSheila Harper
111452020Galena pseudomorph pyromorphite Wheal HopePhotoNigel Hoppe
111462020Ferberite pseudomorph scheelite Hingston DownPhotoTony Lee
111462020Quartz pseudomorph baryte St. George Mine PerranzabuloePhotoTony Lee
111462020Quartz pseudomorph baryte Gravel Hill Mine PerranzabuloePhotoRob Selley
11172020Mining Cornwall update 2020 Cornish Metals South Crofty Cornish Lithium RedruthReportStarkey Roe
11212021Botallackite Wheal Hazard Cornwall PhotoJohn Haupt
11252021Mike Dannatt DerbyshireObituaryDavid Roe
11262021Edgar TaylorObituaryRoy Starkey
11272021BMS Website Steve SorrellReport
11282021BMS AGM 2020 Minutes
112112021Micromount collections micromounters new speciesArticleQuintin Wight
112142021rotating mineral specimen deviceArticleDavid Roe
112152021Atacamite polymorphs botallackite clinoatacamiteArticleJohn Haupt
112152021Atacamite orthorhombic crystals Mt Gunson South AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
112162021Atacamite elongated crystals Cligga Head CornwallPhotoJohn Haupt
112172021Atacamite twinned crystals Broken Hill New South Wales AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
112172021Clinoatacamite monoclinic  triangular twinned crystal Sierra Gorda ChilePhotoJohn Haupt
112192021Parys Mountain Anglesey Mining economic assessment 2021ReportRoy Starkey
112182021Clogau-St David’s gold mine Wales update 2021ReportRoy Starkey
112202021Magnetite black octahedral cystals ArticleDavid Hardman
112212021Magnetite octahedral crystals Huanaquina Mine BoliviaPhotoDavid Hardman
112222021Magnetite octahedral crystals Traversella Mine ItalyPhotoDavid Hardman
112232021Magnetite octahedral crystal Kovdor, Kola, RussiaPhotoDavid Hardman
112232021Magnetite octahedral crystals Gallivara SwedenPhotoDavid Hardman
112252021Andesine augite apatite Ballarat AustraliaPhotoSteve Sorrell
112262021Hellyerite Lord Brassey Mine TasmaniaPhotoJames Melville
112262021Hellyerite Lord Brassey Mine TasmaniaArticleSteve Sorrell
112282021Goethite Wheal Drea CornwallPhotoMartin Stolworthy
112292021Wheal Neptune Wheal Jewel Cornwall ArticleRob Selley
112312021Malachite epimorph after cuprite Kennisham Iron MinePhotoDavid Roe
112322021Cacoxenite Codden Hill DevonPhotoDavid Roe
112342021Atacamite Carnelloe Beach CornwallPhotoDavid Roe
112362021Fluorescence camera  imaging problems colour variationsArticleBateman Briscoe Chapman Green
112362021Vanadinite campylite habit Whitwell Quarry DerbyshirePhotoJohn Chapman
112372021leadhillite mattheddelite Whitwell quarry DerbyshirePhotoJohn Chapman
112422021Kernowite new Cornwall mineral Wheal GorlandReportClive Cornwall
112422021Kernowite Cornwall Wheal GorlandPhotoClive Cornwall
112442021Book Brazilian Pegmatite Minerals national Mining Museum Luxembourg Cassedanne CollectionBook ReviewDavid Binns
112452021Wustite slag material Cornwall ArticleSheila Harper
112452021Wustite slag material Cornwall PhotoMartin Stolworthy
112462021Phone camera micromineralsReportPeter Bainbridge
112472021Linarite crystals Meadowfoot Smelter Wanlockhead PhotoSteve Rust
11312021apatite Mountsorrel Quarry LeicestershirePhotoFrank Ince
11352021Edgar Taylor 2021ObituaryRoy Starkey
11362021John Vanston 2021ObituaryPhil Taylor
11372021BMS AGM 2020 Founder’s Cup Nigel HoppeMinutes
113112021Minerals Poona India zeolites tertiary basalt Deccan Traps stilbiteArticleDavid Hardman
113122021Stilbite Heulandite Scolecite Mesolite Gyrolite Epistilbite Poona IndiaPhotoDavid Hardman
113142021Stellerite Goosecreekite Poona IndiaPhotoDavid Hardman
113152021Atacamite family minerals ArticleJohn Haupt
113162021Gillardite crystal Widgiemooltha Western AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
113172021Herbertsmithite crystals Nangaroo Western AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
113172021Kapellasite crystals Sounion Mine GreecePhotoJohn Haupt
113182021Leverettite crystals Torrecillas ChilePhotoJohn Haupt
113192021Acanthite on silver Broken Hill NSW AustraliaPhotoJohn Haupt
113242021UK Mining Mineral update 2021 Scotland Wales Cornwall Devon YorkshireArticleRoy Starkey
113292021Raynox Auxillary lenses micromineral photograpy ArticleFrank Ince
113302021Tyrolite crystals New Cliffe Hill QuarryPhotoFrank Ince
113312021Cuprite crystal New Cliffe Hill QuarryPhotoFrank Ince
113322021Wheal Jewel St.Day Cornwall minerals linarite torbeniteArticleRob Selley
113342021Derbyshire fluorite UV fluorescence Convoy S2+ LED UV torch ArticleColleen Thomson
113362021Pindale fluorite fluorescentPhotoColleen Thomson
113382021Perham rock shop Maine Mineral Gem Museum Bethel USAArticlePhil Taylor
113402021Diaboleite Penberthy Croft collected 1985ArticleSteve Rust
113402021Diaboleite crystals phosgenite anglesitePenberthy CroftPhotoSteve Rust
113412021Scorodite crystal cluster Penberthy CroftPhotoSteve Rust
113422021Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption 2021 live video reporting magma primative lavaArticleAlysson Rowan
113452021microminerals In Den Dellen Eifel Germany titanite sanidine augite fluorapatitePhotoSteve Sorrell
113462021ganophyllite rhodonite crystals Gambatesa Liguria ItalyPhotoSteve Sorrell
113472021andradite garnet crystals PhotoDavid Roe