The idea of a National Micromount Reference Collection was conceived back in 1984.

The Reference Collection has changed hands: Trevor Devon of Sussex has taken over as Curator of the Collection.

The collection is curated to a high standard with all specimens permanently mounted in dust tight boxes, and labelled with an accession number linked to a catalogue / database.

The collection comprises over 2400 specimens from across the United Kingdom, with a large number of species being represented.

Clicking on one of these links, Excel Document or PDF will take you to pages listing the specimens in the collection.

Members wishing to inspect specimens for study purposes can email the curator. Contact details are in the Membership list.

These two links will give you the forms needed to send in new specimens: Excel Document or PDF.

Below are three photographs which illustrate how the collection is curated:

The Reference Collection cabinets
Reference Collection drawer
Reference Collection catalogue cards